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Tripp's Am Staffs

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An important responsibility of a reputable breeder is to offer rescue services. Although our rescues are not breed specific to Am Staffs, we feel that in order to be a responsible breeder, one must also cater to the needs of the homeless animals as well. Most of our rescues, however, are breeds with similar stigmas attached to those of the Am Staff.

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The dogs listed below have been adopted!

Tommy (Doberman)
Placed with an Officer of Shawnee Police Dept. and his wife. 2003

Maria (Chihuahua)
Placed in home to be therapy pet for disabled woman 9/03 Special thanks to Phylesa Early

"Lily" Longcoat chihuahua

"Odin" Black Canadian/Timber/Arctic Tundra Wolf. See info below:

"Odin" Black Canadian/Timber/Arctic Tundra Wolf. Because of our discretion in the placement of a wolf we have decided to keep him with his pit bull "pack." Before purchasing/adopting wolves or hybrids, check with your local/state laws. Some states ban exotics or require special licensing and housing. For more information contact your USDA official.

"Silas" (English Mastiff) Black Brindle Male,UPDATE: Silas has been placed with Chris Holmes of OKC, OK.
"Bailey" Golden Retriever Mix female. Bailey was adopted by Greg Jebaley of Columbia, South Carolina.
"Haleigh" (cat) Himalayan Spayed Female. This girl has behavioral issues and needs to be medicated. UPDATE: after 2 yrs this girl was adopted by Therese Miltier in upstate North Carolina."
"Oscar" (cat) Silver shaded persian male. Neutered. UPDATE: We have decided to hold on to Oscar until the "perfect" home comes along. This makes him kitty #4 in the house!
"Sassy" (cat) domestic short-haired female white with tabby patches found in parking lot at 6 wks old. UPDATE: My son is completely attached to Sassy and I guess she isn't going anywhere. This is kitty #3 in the house.

Mercy "American Bulldog"

Salem (Rottweiler)
We had Salem for 5 yrs., she was returned to us twice from new homes so we kept her. RIP 2003

"Chia" Longcoat female Chihuahua

Tonka, Chia (chihuahua), and Dante
"CHIA" R.I.P May 24, 2006

"Lacy"    Broken Coat Jack Russell Terrier female. This girl was found wandering around the highway and we have been unsuccessful in locating her previous owners-UPDATE:adopted by Marla Reagan of Norman, OK.
"Heidi"   Black great dane female, very shy and needs patient owners. Ears cropped.-UPDATE:adopted by family in lower Oklahoma
"Max" neutered male black Labrador/Setter Mix found on Tulsa highway. Efforts in locating owners were fruitless. Very protective, housebroken, trained. Awesome dog!-UPDATE:adopted by Sandy Graves of Springdale, Arkansas.
"Baby"  spayed female high content Wolf hybrid rescued from high-kill shelter that does not adopt out wolves or hybrids. She is very sweet. She is active and would do best with no small children.She is also relatively submissive so she should not be placed with an overly dominant female -UPDATE:adopted by Arkansas Wolf Rescue
"Reagan"   Female Redbone Coonhound puppy.  UPDATE:Adopted by Nicholas Warren of Midwest City, Oklahoma.
"Angel"   Black great dane spayed female 6 month old puppy with slight umbilical hernia that will be repaired prior to adoption. She was purchased as a young puppy for breeding and was confiscated by authorities after neglect case was reported -UPDATE:Adopted by Beau Gage of Ft. Smith, Arkansas.
Domestic Shorthair Cats:  "Clyde", "Bonnie", and "Kansas". Clyde is flame point siamese mix with gorgeous blue eyes. Neutered male. Bonnie was found with Clyde, she's solid black and spayed. Kansas is a solid grey domestic short-hair that is spayed and prefers to be the only cat. UPDATE: all have been adopted