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Tripp's Am Staffs

We offer both show and pet quality puppies. Adults and rescues are occasionally available. Our dogs are  home companions and we do not keep our dogs kenneled or chained. All dogs and puppies are raised in our home so that we can best prepare the puppies for family life.  I do not mass produce puppies.  I WILL NOT SELL TO PET SHOPS, PUPPY MILLS, OR FIGHTERS.
Our dogs have been carefully selected to protect against hereditary defects. Puppies sold are guaranteed to be free of hereditary abnormalities and all of our adult dogs are evaluated before they are bred. We x-ray hips and elbows and certify with OFA. We check their thyroid and certify their eyes with CERF. We also make sure all of our adults are vWD clear, meaning they do not carry vonWillibrands Disease which is a bleeding disorder. All of our dogs are from top lines and include Champions, Best in Show, Ace of Ace, and Certified Companion Dogs. We strive for excellent conformation, intelligence, and temperament. Our dogs excel in obedience, agility, schutzhund, and conformation events. They are the perfect home companions and protectors. All of our dogs are microchipped with the HOMEAGAIN (Destron) or AVID and the chips are registered with AKC Companion Animal Recovery. We feed our dogs Eukanuba Large Breed Premium Performance. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Most information can be found within the links at the top of the page.

Tripp's Saxonys Silver Spoon
Saxony Pup 2000
It's a rough life here....On the couch....
Our dogs are excellent with small dogs too....
Saxony pup 2000

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