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Tripp's Am Staffs

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Heard Linda called you last night - Mooi may have a niece of nephew in
the area!

You'll be glad to know we could not be happier with Mooi.  She is our
little baby and sleeps with us every night in our bed.  She seems to
know exactly where to go to make sure everyone else is as uncomfortable as
possible.  We're seriously considering building a custom bed which is
2x King size so we can all have room.  Mooi's one problem may be that
she is a little too spoiled.  She is a very good girl, but certainly
knows how to get away with as much as she wants.  But it's impossible to
stay unhappy with her because she's too cute.  everybody who meets her
LOVES her.  She has about 5 uncles and 5 aunts and godmothers and
godfathers etc.  She even had a 1 year birthday party with a cake that she got
to eat.  She's very good at opening presents as well.  Tears the
wrapping right off.

We've had to stop taking her to "dog runs" because people in New York
are a little too freaked by "pit bulls" - whenever she gets in any
little scuffle (which the other dog always starts) the other owner loses it. 
So instead we take her to "doggy daycare" once a week or so, where a
bunch of dogs get taken and they all hang out inside together without
crazy owners and then get taken for walks together.  She loves it there.

Anyway, thank you very much for breeding her, we LOVE her and spoil her
probably too much.